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How UV Light Harms the Eye.

When it comes to the eyes—we only get two! Therefore we need to do our best to take care of the eyes we have. One of the major culprits of eye damage is the sun. It’s something that is unavoidable, and therefore it is best to understand how to prepare and prevent as much sun […]

What is Lazy Eye (Strabismus)?

We all likely know someone who has a “lazy eye”, or sometimes referred to as “crossed eyes”, but what exactly does this mean? Are the eyes truly lazy? “Lazy Eye” is one of the most misunderstood topics in the eyecare world. There are two different technical problems associated with “lazy eye”—strabismus and amblyopia.   What […]

What Are Calcium Deposits In The Eye?

Throughout our lives we are taught that calcium is good for us, but what happens when we have too much or too little calcium? Calcium in excess can cause several different problems in the eye, ranging from mild deposits within the eyelids to more severe problems like band keratopathy. On the other hand, too little […]

What is Eye Dilation and Why is it Important?

Dilation—or the eye drops that sting when put in and make you light sensitive and blurry for a few hours—are something many patients dislike about going to the eye doctor. Why do eye doctors want us to undergo this eye torcher?   What is Eye Dilation? Dilation is typically performed by instilling a drop of […]

Understanding Soft Contact Lenses

Contact lenses eliminate the need for having to wear glasses, which can be beneficial for sports, cosmetic reasons, and the ability to see outside the limitation of a glasses lens. In today’s world, with so many different outlets for getting contact lenses, it is more important than ever to understand why you should see your […]

Is LASIK or Refractive Surgery an Option For Me?

Refractive Surgery Are you tired of wearing glasses or contacts and considering corrective surgery? This article will briefly discuss the different options and how corrective surgery works! Anatomy of the Eye To understand how corrective surgery works, a basic understanding of the eye’s anatomy will be beneficial. The eye has 3 major parts to it—the […]

What is Pink Eye?

Pink eye is one of the most commonly referenced eye infections, but do you know what it is? The answer might surprise you, there really is no one definition for pink eye! Pink eye can be caused by several different things which all require different treatment methods. Getting a proper diagnosis and thus proper treatment […]

When Should My Child’s First Eye Exam Be?

When it comes to your child’s health, it seems like there are hundreds of recommendations and doctors to visit—but when should your child begin to see an eye doctor? The Eyes and Human Development As noted before, we know there are many different recommendations out there. With our friend Dr. Google it can be hard […]