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How to Treat a Corneal Abrasion

A cut to the eye can be one of the most physically painful experiences in an individual’s life. The front surface of the eye, the cornea, is a delicate structure important for transmitting light and protecting the eye. This structure has many nerves and is very sensitive to all stimuli. People may experience trauma to […]

Eye Problems and Down’s Syndrome

Down’s syndrome is a condition in which chromosome 21 is duplicated, resulting in three copies rather than just two. It is associated with intellectual, developmental, and physical changes. The eyes are one component and there are a variety of conditions that individuals diagnosed with Down syndrome may be affected by or more susceptible to. Read […]

Unique Glasses and Contact Lens Options

In addition to regular spectacles and contact lenses, there are a number of lesser known options for vision correction. These are often built for certain work or play activities or specific eye conditions. Read on to learn more about some of these unique options.   Photosensitive, Tinted, and Color Contact Lenses Contact lenses are becoming […]

How Pregnancy Can Affect Your Eyes

In addition to the many other bodily changes taking place during pregnancy, a mom-to-be can also have changes in the eyes. These are usually transient and go back to normal after the pregnancy, but it is wise to keep a close watch on them with an eye examination if changes to vision are occurring. This […]

The Basics of Keratoconus

Keratoconus is a condition that causes thinning and bulging of the clear front of the eye, the cornea. There are a variety of causative factors for keratoconus and more is being understood about its diagnosis and treatment all the time. This article will outline keratoconus, its causes, and its treatment. What is Keratoconus? The cornea […]

The Causes and Treatments of Uveitis

If you have ever visited an eye doctor for light sensitive and sore eyes, you may have been diagnosed with uveitis, prescribed various medications for treatment, and possibly undergone laboratory testing to find an underlying systemic cause, if present. You may have visited the optometrist several times during the course of your treatment. Uveitis is […]

When Should My Child Get an Eye Exam?

There are many recommended health care appointments for children, and a comprehensive eye examination with an eye doctor is an important part of these. It may be confusing as to when you should bring your child for an eye examination and what can be done at each age. This article will explore expert recommended guidelines […]

How Do Your Eyes Work?

Have you ever wondered how your eyes actually see? It is an incredibly complex and intricate process that allows light rays to contact your eyes and transmit signals to the brain in an instant. Beyond simply getting through all the structures of the eye and being properly focused on the back of the eye, the […]